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For Fellows


Olivewood Fellows hold an unprecedented seat, participating in all stages of capital raisingfrom strategy to sourcing to execution — all while still students on campus.

Engaged, curious, and motivated, our Fellows are builders with deep ambition demonstrated leadership. They are students across the country, especially at traditionally overlooked schools, who possess a deep passion for entrepreneurship and venture capital.

Olivewood Fellows have the opportunity to work directly on deals alongside founders and Olivewood's managing partner. Fellows gain wholly unparalleled hands-on experience, working across the table from top-tier venture capital firms and angel investors. As such, the fellowship also open the door to a rich entrepreneurial and financial network.

Beyond deal experience, Olivewood Fellows have the chance to engage deeply within and enrich their campuses' entrepreneurial ecosystems. Fellows play an active role in fostering innovation and supporting fellow student entrepreneurs on their campuses.

Fellows operate on a pro re nata basis, meaning that fellows work on deal projects as they arise with no firm time commitment. While fellows are expected to stay engaged and have periodic chats with the managing partner, there are no general synchronous meetings and no minimum hours requirement. This flexibility ensures that fellows balance their academic responsibilities with project work while empowering enables fellows to maximize their impact over time.

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