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For Founders


Supporting exceptional student founders with sophisticated financial expertise, strategic thought partnership, and expanded access to capital.

We believe in the fundamentally unbounded ambition, passionate spirit, and innovative nature of student founders. However, especially amid contracting capital conditions, student founders who lack the cachet of a traditionally prestigious university on their resume often struggle raising high-quality capital from a venture capital ecosystem that is still largely pedigree-driven. What's more, when teams shift their focus to fundraising, their companies can suffer as attention is diverted away from core operational priorities.

We work with the best student-led, early-stage startups to lighten the burden of fundraising and expand access to high-quality capital. The scope of our work is both technical and strategic in nature so investors can develop nuanced perspective, build conviction, and critically assess their fit as value-added partners.

Olivewood offers founders a number of benefits, including:

  • Preparation of institutional-quality deal materials, including pitch decks and financial models

  • Development of sophisticated financial analyses, research, and strategic, tactical, & operational frameworks

  • Introductions to premier VCs and angel investors that are actively backing promising ventures

  • Thought partnership in commercial matters, such as GTM strategy, competitive positioning, pricing, and team design/recruitment

  • Free or trial-basis access to "startup tools", such as administrative software and other resources

Think of us like a cross between an investment bank for startups and an accelerator / venture studio, all absolutely free.

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