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For Funders


Olivewood Investor Partners are connected with brilliant, hard-to-reach founders on a selective basis in alignment with their investment mandate.

Amid a tighter capital markets landscape, early stage venture is experiencing a meaningful paradigm shift. With "tourist" investors gone, deeper due diligence, stronger conviction, clearer paths to profitability, and more meaningful VC value-add are taking center stage. To de-risk investment decisions, investors need to do more work to get comfortable with opportunities in their pipeline.

Olivewood Ventures provides funders with proprietary, diligenced, and individually tailored deal flow of the most promising student-founded ventures.

Olivewood's white-glove approach includes drafting institutional-quality materials, including financial models, unit economics analyses, pitch decks / investment memorandums. Olivewood supplies these to our Investor Partners and facilitates high-touch processes — either handing off to investors leading the round or assembling a consortium in-house. We'll occasionally also organize a syndicate to accommodate broader participation through an SPV.

Olivewood's leadership comes from backgrounds in private capital markets at firms such as Financial Technology Partners, Solum Partners (formerly part of Harvard Management Company), and Goldman Sachs. Understanding the distinct needs and challenges of our Investor Partners, Olivewood prioritizes professionalism, integrity, ingenuity, and technical excellence.

Investor Partners don't work with Olivewood on an exclusive basis — we're committed to enriching the student entrepreneurship ecosystem nationally and hope to serve as one of many forces shaping the future of student access to venture capital. We encourage out Investor Partners to work with similar campus accelerators, funds, and investor networks.

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